America’s Government Is Gridlocked. Its Roads Don’t Have To Be.

This summer, roadway construction season will not be interrupted after all, as Congress passed another “patch” to the Highway Trust Fund to take us up to May of 2015. But how do we expect the U.S. DOT to plan and implement a long-term infrastructure investment program for our nation with nine-month term funding authorizations, after which no funds can be spent without another act of Congress?  How can the states rely on the Federal government as partner and make commitments to address their multi-billion capital maintenance and investment needs with these short-term funding extensions and no long-term resolution or direction in sight?

The answer is for the states to carpe diem and design their own creative programs to address their critical infrastructure needs and the Federal programs will evolve and be designed to support them. The states that lead on this will be first in line to benefit from any eventual resolution in Washington D.C. For more, see WBUR’s Cognoscenti blog.

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