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Massachusetts Transportation for 2015

As we turn the corner on 2014 and on eight years of the Patrick administration, transportation stakeholders in Massachusetts wonder what 2015 and beyond will bring five years after the creation of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.  In November, Massachusetts voters chose to repeal the portion of the Commonwealth’s 2013 Transportation Finance Law that indexed the Commonwealth’s motor fuel tax to inflation.  They also elected Charlie Baker our next Governor. … More

P3 Commission Should Be Active!

While we wait for the legislature and the Governor to resolve the outstanding final issues surrounding the financial rescue package for transportation, one thing is clear: even with the most optimistic projections for new funding levels for the transportation system (as provided in the Senate version and reaching up to $800 million per year), the need for additional revenues, new sources of revenue and new ways of infusing private innovation into the transportation system will all be critical. … More

IPD and Integrated Technology Delivery

For years, owners and construction service providers have been hearing about the benefits of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD).  The underlying premise of IPD is that all of the key participants in a project – owner, designer, construction manager and leading trade partners – stand to benefit from increased collaboration.  There are many tools available to encourage collaboration, such as co-location of team members, use of “lean” construction techniques to reduce waste,… More

The Olympics, the Favelas, and the Rise of the Brazilian Middle Class

The “pacification” of Rio de Janeiro’s notorious favela slums has drawn worldwide press attention, for understandable reasons. In advance of hosting the World Cup and Olympic games, Brazilian government officials have sent tanks into hillside communities long dominated by drug lords and treated as off-limits to the police. The mix of extreme poverty, gang-related violence and international sporting glamour – all set in one of the world’s most beautiful cities – makes for a compelling story line as Rio races to get ready for the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016.… More

School Zone(ing): The SJC Reaffirms the Zoning Standard for Educational Institutions

The Supreme Judicial Court’s (SJC) Regis College v. Town of Weston opinion from earlier this year addresses a key land use question in Massachusetts: the extent to which educational institutions must comply with local zoning bylaws.  However, the Regis College decision is perhaps more important — to educational institutions, developers, and local governments — because of what it was expected to say, but doesn’t .… More