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The Nation’s Transportation Future Is Increasingly Local

This post originally appeared in Law360. Reprinted with permission.

traffic jams in the city, road, rush hourThere is no debate that the gridlock in Congress has impacted national transportation policy. It was good news in December of 2015 when, after 36 short-term extensions, Congress passed and President Obama signed into law the “Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act” (or, the FAST Act, Public Law 114-94). The law contains some changes in federal law that will drive policy,… More

Public Transportation Woes Are Not Just In Boston

Since last winter, whenever you say “snow” in Boston, people automatically think: will the MBTA shutdown? The Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce recently hosted a particularly interesting forum on how other cities on the east coast are fixing their public transit systems.  Instead of the usual faces, the panel was made up of the top leadership of these  transit systems and, after just a few moments listening to the presentations,… More

Will New Sales Taxes on Computer Services Boost Massachusetts Transportation Financing?

After months of debate, a veto, and an override, Massachusetts now has a blueprint for financing one of the largest overhauls of the state’s transportation infrastructure in decades.  The controversy over Chapter 46 wasn’t whether additional transportation financing was necessary – all sides agreed that it was.  The sticking point was instead a) how much, and b) from whom.

As our colleagues Nicola Lemay, Earl Mellott,… More

Lessons Learned: The ASCE Report Card and Smart Infrastructure Improvements in Massachusetts

Earlier this week, the American Society of Civil Engineers released its quadrennial Report Card for America’s Infrastructure, and the message for 2013 was undeniable: “Needs Improvement.”

The Report Card gave the nation’s infrastructure a D+ overall (although in a potential silver lining, ASCE did note that this was an improvement from the 2009 grade of a solid D).  ASCE estimates that the United States needs $3.6 trillion in infrastructure investments over the next seven years to bring its transportation,… More

All Politics is Local: Governor Patrick Files $19 Billion Transportation Bond Bill

On March 13, 2013, Governor Patrick filed his comprehensive transportation bond legislation, proposing $19 billion in investments over the next ten years.  This bond bill offers the first specific numbers for funding the policy proposals outlined in the MassDOT strategic plan released in January. 

In the bill, the Governor proposes $4.6 billion for highway maintenance and construction, $4.4 billion for regional rail,… More